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Mens Shed Programme

Started:                    November 2011

What we have achieved so far:

When we started we were fortunate to acquire an old Community Centre. However this centre had been abandoned for some time and was in quite a dilapidated state. Thankfully a number of men banded together and took on the renovation of the hall. This included replacing the glass in all the windows (which had been broken through vandalism), sanding and re-varnishing the wooden floor, installing new heating and some electrical work which we must thank local contractors for. Finally at the start of January 2012 the hall was tidied up and ready for use. Even though the hall was only opened in the New Year we already have 30+ active members and growing.

           Clasp Sligo Community Centre After

Once the hall was ready we started to establish our workshop. We were able to buy all the tools we need and we made our own work benches. We converted the stage that was in the hall in to an office/computer room which is also used for meetings and relaxing and we are currently establishing a community library there too.

CLASP Sligo Setting up the Workshop

Once the workshop was established and men were trained up on how to use the machinery safely we set about going to work. A local community group asked us to build flower boxes to decorate the village. We have since completed two boxes and are working on two more and the community are delighted with the results.

CLASP Sligo Flower Box

We also hope to establish a small ‘social enterprise’ making garden furniture such as picnic tables, garden seating, flower boxes etc. We have made a start on this and have produced our first picnic table. These will be going on sale around the locality and from the ‘shed’. It is hoped that we will make enough money to support the running of the project as well as generating some income for the members. The aim is to make the project self-sustainable so that it can survive once the very generous IFI funding has finished.

CLASP Sligo Picnic Table



Boat building

We are working in conjunction with a professional boat builder, Finian Dodd, to construct a 16 foot skiff rowing boat. This will carry 3-4 men and we look forward to launching it on the local lake, Lough Arrow in June. Historically there was a tradition of boat building around the Lough Arrow area but this tradition is dying out. Hopefully through re-learning the old craft it will be revived and kept alive into the future.

Community Library

Currently we are working on establishing a community library which will be free for the community to use. Thanks to some kind donations the book collection is coming on well. The library is situated in our ‘shed’ in our meeting/chill-out area.

Community Garden

We have been lucky enough to acquire the use of some land adjacent to our shed which we are turning into an organic community garden. While this is mainly for the members of the shed it will be open to the larger community to use. There are many benefits to having an organic community garden not least of which is the benefits of having fresh organic produce to consume yourself. We will be erecting a poly-tunnel and hope to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, shrubs and flowers.

Our Poly tunnel Marking Garden

Although the shed is a men’s project it is an integral and participating part of the wider community. It involves and interacts with the entire community and works with and for the community.

New Members are always welcome.

For more information and details contact:
Niall Culkin on 085-1078575 or by e-mail at

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