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Quality of Life Project

The Quality of Life Project was the first programme to start in 1997. The ethos of the project was to develop a community development response project designed to offer real and practical alternatives to older people living with in the local community so they had the option to remain living in their own community. The project was designed around offering real choice and opportunities for older people while respecting their independence and determination to remain active within their community. The Quality of Life Project has developed over the last ten years and deliveries a wide range of services to older people in the community. The project strengths is the workers on the various schemes and the local knowledge of the people involved in our services and clubs.

The project is involved in the following activities;

  • The Delivery of Meal on Wheels
  • Co-ordination of five Active Age Clubs- where a home cooked meal is provided at our three community centres followed by social activities.
  • Home Care approximately 250 community visits are undertaken each month to older people living alone.
  • House and garden maintenance  service.

The HSE, along with FAS has supported the project from its initial beginnings and continues to do so. The HSE service level agreement funds three community support care workers, a cook and three cook assistances for the active age clubs. The project is co-ordinated through the Quality of Life sub committee. The committee has a membership drawn from community representatives, active age club members, CLASP workers and the local public health nurses. The project focuses on developing a working relationship with the public health nurses in the area and the ability to provide a flexible and fast response to people in need. The Quality of Life project is also one of the pilot areas for the HSE CHOICE project that promotes the philosophy of choice, independence and person centred care. The success of the Rural Transport Programme and the interlinking of the two projects have had a beneficial impact on improving the quality of life of older people living in the area.

Main Milestone for the Project

  • Attracting funding of €90,000 for the development of Keash Hall.
  • Setting up Keash Active Age Club and inclusion of the club under the HSE Service Level Agreement.
  • Successful application to Dormant Accounts for the establishment of the meal on wheels service for the Keash area.
  • The establishment of the Active Age Forum Members Committee.
  • Active Age Art Classes supported by the VEC.
  • Annual Christmas Party and Summer tour outings.
  • Active Age Dance Days.
  • Redevelopment of Gleann Kitchen
  • Cross Border visits to active age clubs in County Fermanagh.
  • The mainstreaming of the Rural Transport Project

CLASP Sligo Meals on wheels

Meals on Wheels Programme

CLASP currently over sees two Meals on Wheels programmes, one operating from Keash Community Centre and one from Riverstown Health Centre, delivering more than 120 meals a day. The Keash project was established in May 2006 with funding from Dormant Accounts. The project services the rural hinterland of the East Sligo to older people that are located in isolated rural areas. The service was developed in consultation with the HSE, and from the beginning it serviced and delivered to more than 30 new clients in the Ballinafad, Keash, Cloonloo, Cullfada, and Monsteraden areas.

The Riverstown meals are prepared in the local health centre and delivered by CLASP CE scheme drivers. In 2007 the Board secured a bank loan and we purchased four delivery vans which decreased delivery costs and ensure the service would be sustained for the long term future.  Also over the last two years we have introduced new products that have added to the quality of meal we delivery these have included new packaging containers and delivery bags.

CLASP has worked over the last ten years in building up the meal on wheels services and works closely with the local public health nurses ensuring those most eligible receive a meal. The service is also integrated into our rural transport service and many of our new clients on the meal on wheel service also access the transport available in the area as well.


For more information and details contact:
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